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Edward Owen Henderson

Music has always been a part of Edward’s life. He grew up listening to his father’s record collection and was exposed to a diverse selection of music. Irish and American folk music, Rock n Roll, the U.S. Military Band, and Country Western were all a part of his daily listening. Read more...>>

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Unique Musical Experience Brings Spontaneous Joy

Posted by Leanne Yarrow, neighbors go, Sept 1, 2011

Unique Musical Experience Brings Spontaneous Joy

Friends Place clients and staff are seated in a large circle in anticipation of the “Experience the Drum” program. This is an interactive African drum circle-something most of us have never heard of, much less ever participated in. With a genuine desire to share what he loves, musician Edward Henderson offers to lead us in this unique, rhythmical, music-making opportunity. Backed with years of education and experience, Edward provides the percussion instruments, and Friends Place Adult Day Services provides the “circle.”

Unique Musical Experience Brings Spontaneous Joy

Starting with a simple, single beat from his own drum, Edward gently invites everyone to join the celebration. As the rhythm builds, some folks enthusiastically dive right in; others start tentatively but are soon drawn into the music and become completely involved. Each person spontaneously adds their own part, contributing to the overall effect. The entire room soon pulsates with joyous excitement and sound. As the music swells, the total process transcends boundaries of physical ability, age, or talent. It empowers everyone to connect and be a part of the building process. The experience is cathartic, amazing, and is truly something to behold.

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Welcome to ExperienceTheDrum.com

Experience the Drum brings you an interactive way of building community, developing teamwork, and improving listening and communication through rhythmic based events.

In an Experience the Drum event you will be creative, spontaneous, energized and empowered.

Experience the Drum is a celebration of life.

We will come to your location with African drums called djembes. All you need to host an event is a room with chairs arranged in a circle. A facilitator leads a fun and energized interactive team building session that will captivate and motivate participants.

What takes place...

is drumming, laughing, dancing, and singing which occurs organically throughout the 30 to 45 minute session.

Your group will feel energized and happy.

This activity is perfect for all groups of 10 or more.

Experience the Drum is committed to creating an environment that is accessible to everyone regardless of experience, physical abilities, age, or talent and empowering communities to communicate and be connected.

Experience the Drum with your group!


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